Ashley's Asylum

Letter People Episodes 13-24

Mr. S and his cowboy buddy Slaw Hammerfill are on their way to the Catching Game, but first they have to find the starter for Mr. S's Sockmobile. They finally do, and Slaw (who sounds a bit like John Wayne) is a success on the Catching Game.
STARRING: Mr. S, Slaw Hammerfill, Miss A, Mr. P, Mr. T, and Monty Swell.

Mr. Z is trying to take a nap in his apartment, but Miss E's exercising wakes him up. In fact, she works out so hard she crashes through Mr. Z's ceiling. Later, Miss E makes her debut on the Catching Game.
STARRING: Miss E, Mr. Z, Monty Swell, Mr. S, Mr. T, Mr. P, Mr. N, and Edna.

Nardo the Detective meets the very exotic Miss I at her Itsy-Witsy Ice Cream Club, enlisting her for assistance in capturing Ingrid the Indigo Ink Keeper, who's stolen all the indigo ink in Letter People Land. After apprehending Ingrid, it turns out that all she wanted to do was be an artist. Miss I promises her all the indigo ink she'll need.
STARRING: Miss I, Nardo the Detective, Sam the piano player (who looks and sounds like Elton John), Ingrid the Indigo Ink Keeper, Mr. P, and Mr. T.

Miss O is putting on an Obstinate Opera, "The Ostrich's Olive Omelet", and none of the Letter People in the show want to play the roles she assigns them, yet she doesn't care, because she's so obstinate. However, a crisis arises when Miss O, the lead, is needed in the clue boxes, so Mr. F helps out by wearing Miss O's costume during the show. (Keep an eye on Mr. F in this episode, he's a hoot. He and Miss O play well off of each other.)
STARRING: Miss O, Miss E, Miss A, Miss I, Mr. B, Mr. F, Mr. H, Mr. T, Mr. P, Oscar Obligato, Otto the stagehand, and the Philharmonic Hall hostess.

Miss U and her umbrella float up to the rooftops of Letter People Land, where she meets Uncle Elmer, the umpire. Seems the ump is looking for his baseball, which was hit out of the park and down a chimney. Miss U goes down the chimney to look and encounters the Unforgettable Underground Uglies, who have an uncanny way of making Letter People appear in their hideout for the Catching Game at will. It turned out to be a dream...or was it?
STARRING: Miss U, Uncle Elmer, Mr. B, Mr. S, and the Unforgettable Underground Uglies.

Mr. V finds out that a Very Very Villainous Vandal is going around Letter People Land tagging items that begin with V with...well, lowercase V's. The Vandal comes on the radio and says that if he tags something that doesn't begin with a V, he'll retire. Mr. B assists Mr. V in tracking down the vandal, and Mr. B tricks him into signing a baseball...which DOESN'T begin with V, thus running the vandal out of business.
STARRING: Mr. V, Mr. B, the Very Very Villainous Vandal, Miss A, and Mr. N.

Mr. L wants to open his lemonade stand, but he has to overcome a few obstacles. First Lazy Laura leans on his locker filled with lemons, then the Lavender Lollapalooza comes and steals the lemons altogether. With the help of some of the other Letter People, Mr. L gets his lemons back and then offers his hand in friendship to the Lollapalooza, who readily accepts.
STARRING: Mr. L, Lazy Laura, the Lavender Lollapalooza, Mr. H, the Lucky Leprechaun, Mr. P, and Miss A.

Mr. V is expecting Mr. B, Mr. Z, and Mr. P over for dinner, but the trio are more concerned about spiffing up Mr. V's favorite violet velvet vest with buttons, zippers, and patches. Mr. V does not want such things on his vest, and he requests them removed. The other Letter People reluctantly remove their items, but not before accidentally ripping the left side of Mr. V's vest! Mr. V gets very distraught, and decides from then on in to only start or stand in the middle of a word so no one will see the rip in his vest. Undeterred, Mr. B, Mr. Z, and Mr. P offer their "gifts" to Mr. S for his super socks, but he doesn't want them either. Finally, Mr. Z says that Mr. S can borrow his sound (and appear in more words) if he wears one of Mr. Z's zippers. Mr. S tries this and is very successful, and agrees to borrow Mr. Z's sound whenever he wears a zipper on his Super Socks.
STARRING: Mr. V, Mr. S, Mr. B, Mr. Z, Mr. P, Mr. H, and Miss I.

After Mr. V shows up at a Catching Game rehearsal to explain to Monty Swell about his ripped vest, Monty insists that the Letter People make the word "Vest" in the clue boxes so Mr. V can illustrate his desire to only appear at the start or in the middle of words. However, a problem arises...Mr. S and Mr. T can't both appear in an ending clue box, and when they do, they get squooshed, prompting Miss E to invent the starting and ending "Squoosh Boxes" where more than one Letter Person can stand at the start or end of a word. Later, Miss E writes the song "The Squoosh", which Monty Swell and the Letter People sing.
STARRING: Mr. V, Monty Swell, Mr. H, Miss E, Mr. S, Mr. T, Mr. P, and Miss O.

Duke and Duchess Doodlebug are in a dither...their dancing dragon, Dolly (who sounds a lot like Carol Channing), has disappeared, and she's supposed to dance at their party. Enter Mr. D, who lures Dolly back to her owners with various items that begin with the same sound that start Delicious Doughnuts. Later, Dolly plays the Catching Game at the Doodlebugs' party. Numerous "Hello, Dolly!" gags appear in this episode, and Mr. D's voice is not the thundering bass we've all come to know and love! (Maybe he was younger when this episode was filmed!)
STARRING: Mr. D, Duke Doodlebug, Duchess Doodlebug, Dolly the dancing dragon, Dash Dudley the news reporter, Miss I, and Mr. M.
FEATURING: Miss O (seen in the background in the party scene).

Godfrey the Ghost has stolen all the good green grapes from Gordon's Grocery Store, and it couldn't have happened at a worse time...Mr. M is planning a picnic! Mr. G arrives on the scene and along with Gordon, Mr. M, and Miss U, convinces Godfrey to return the grapes after a round of the Catching Game, where Godfrey (who sounds an awful lot like Jim Nabors) wins a pet goldfish.
STARRING: Mr. G, Mr. M, Miss U, Gordon the grocer, Granny, Godfrey the Ghost, and Gwendolyn the Goldfish.

Mr. B and Miss U find out that Miss I is holding a talent contest for a headliner at her night club while she goes on a vacation. On their way to Miss I's club, they pass a carnival where Mr. C works. Mr. C says he wants to sing more than anything in the world, but his boss, Cornelius Cornpole, won't let him, reducing him to tending to animals such as Claude the Camel and Clancy the Crocodile. After a round of the Catching Game with Mr. B, Miss U, and Mr. T, he is convinced to sign up for the talent contest, which he promptly wins.
STARRING: Mr. C, Mr. B, Mr. T, Miss U, Cornelius Cornpole, Claude the Camel, Clancy the Crocodile, a bear cub, and Monty Swell.
FEATURING: Miss O (seen in the crowd when Mr. C sings in the talent contest), Mr. S, Mr. H, and Miss E (who serve as the night club's house band).