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Letter People Episodes 25-36

In the far-off kingdom of Kabob, Kernac has kidnapped the kazoo-playing King...just before he is scheduled to play his kazoo at the kindergarten! The King's daughter, Karen, the Grand Shish of Kabob, summons Mr. K to assist in her father's rescue. He rescues the King after visualizing Kernac being duped by the Letter People playing the Catching Game, but soon afterwards, Kernac returns to steal the King's kazoo again. However, it's a cliffhanger ending! Before Mr. K left for Kabob, he had a falling out with Mr. C, who suddenly wishes to leave Letter People Land. Mr. P notices this, and suddenly he realizes why Mr. C is so mad at Mr. K! Do YOU know why? TO BE CONTINUED!!!
STARRING: Mr. K, Mr. P, Mr. C, Miss I, Mr. T, Karen (the Grand Shish of Kabob), the King of Kabob, Kernac, and a messenger.

When we last left the Letter People, Mr. C was planning on leaving, claiming that he was no longer needed with Mr. K around. Mr. K returns from Kabob and Mr. C nearly explodes at him. Mr. T convinces the guys to go to Miss I's nightclub so Mr. H can help them solve the problem. Mr. H lets the vowels decide who stands in front of which vowel....however Mr. C is a bit sneaky and leaves his mark in front of Miss A. Mr. K notices this and puts a lowercase K in front of Miss E and Miss I, and then Mr. C claims the remaining vowels. However, another problem arises...Mr. K is afraid of kicking people whenever he makes a squoosh, so the Letter Girls decide he should be the second part of the squoosh, while Mr. C would only be the first part of a squoosh. Despite this resolution, Mr. C still wants to stand in front of all the Mr. S intervenes and lets Mr. C borrow his sound whenever he stands in front of Miss E and Miss I. After this decision, all is well again in Letter People Land.
STARRING: Mr. C, Mr. K, Miss A, Miss E, Miss I, Miss O, Miss U, Mr. T, Mr. H, Mr. P, Mr. S, Mr. M, and Mr. L.

Mr. W has lost his Wonderful Wink, which is more or less his meal ticket! He turns to Willard the Wizard for help, but Willard's wand seems to have gone kaput. After revitalizing the wand with words that begin with W (usually brought along by Willard's pal Wacky Wally, who appears at odd intervals) with the help of Mr. W, Mr. B, and Miss E, Willard finds one of HIS wishes being granted by playing "Monty Swell" in a round of the Catching Game with Wacky Wally as a contestant.
STARRING: Mr. W, Mr. B, Miss E, Willard the Wizard, and Wacky Wally.

Miss A, Miss E, and Miss O are griping about how they make the same old sounds every time they make a word, so Miss E, not one to rest on her laurels of discovering the Squoosh, suggests that they make a long sound--one that's the same as their name--so they won't be doing the same old thing over and over. She promptly writes a song about it (on the heels of her song "The Squoosh", which is a big hit for the Green Gorillas) and performs the song with the Green Gorillas at Philharmonic Hall in a concert hosted by radio personality Frantic Freddie.
STARRING: Miss A, Miss E, Miss I, Miss O, Miss U, and Gogo of the Green Gorillas.
FEATURING: Mr. B, Mr. G, Mr. V, and numerous other Letter People in the background.

The Letter People are putting on a melodrama hosted by Monty Swell, but a problem arises--when will the Letter Girls know when to use their short or long sounds? Miss E comes up with a solution...she'll stand outside the clue boxes and remain silent whenever the Girls use a long sound, and Mr. V suggests that the sheriff's badge he was going to wear in the melodrama serve as a badge of cooperation--held by the Letter Boy(s) in the ending clue box--whenever a short sound is used. The new method is premiered in the melodrama with much success.
STARRING: Miss E, Mr. V, Mr. K, Mr. T, Miss I, Monty Swell, Mr. M, Mr. T, Miss A, Mr. H, Miss O, Mr. P, and Captain Zemo (who plays a very lethargic villain).

Nardo the Detective is on the case again--this time working for Letter People Land socialite Buford "Poopsie" van Murdlesnert. Apparently Poopsie's been receiving some mysterious notes with words he can't pronounce--as it turns out, the words he can't pronounce have adjacent vowels, and the Letter People figure out that the second vowel must remain silent while the first uses her long sound. The trail ends on Poopsie's yacht...where the notes lead Poopsie to a surprise party for his birthday!
STARRING: Miss A, Mr. B, Miss E, Miss I, Mr. L, Mr. M, Miss O, Mr. P, Mr. S, Mr. T, Nardo, and Buford van Murdlesnert.
FEATURING: Monty Swell and Frantic Freddie (seen in the party scene).

Nardo the Detective, working as the night watchman at the Letter People Hall of Fame (and wearing numerous disguises) reviews short vowels and the birth of the Catching Game while looking at the Letter Girls' respective exhibits. Clips from episodes 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, and 17 are shown.
STARRING: Nardo the Detective.

Nardo's back at the Hall of Fame again, this time reviewing various consonants and the Squoosh. Clips from episodes 2, 5, 12, 13, 18, and 21 are shown.
STARRING: Nardo the Detective.

More of Nardo at the Hall of Fame, and he's reviewing the stories pertaining to Mr. C and Mr. K. Clips from episodes 24, 25, and 26 are shown.
STARRING: Nardo the Detective.

Yet another Nardo clip show. This time he takes us back through the stories of long vowels, cooperation and Silent E, and adjacent vowels. Clips from episodes 28, 29, and 30 are shown.
STARRING: Nardo the Detective.

A young girl named Yolinda is climbing a mountain and she hears the call of a mysterious bird called a Yodel. Yolinda wants the Yodel to come off the mountain and sing at the Letter People Land Outdoor Sound Festival, but the Yodel won't join her. She enlists Miss E, Mr. S, and the newly arrived Mr. Y to help her convince the Yodel to join her, but the Yodel turns out to be quite the homebody. Finally, the Letter People and Yolinda trick her into saying "Yes" by playing the Catching Game, but by then Yolinda has learned to yodel herself, so there's no need for the Yodel to come down after all.
STARRING: Mr. Y, Mr. S, Miss E, Yolinda, and the Yodel.

It's the day of the Outdoor Sound Festival, and everyone's excited...except for Mr. Y, who's bored stiff and needs something to do. Miss I suggests that Mr. Y stand in a catching clue box and borrow her sound to alleviate his boredom. Mr. B, however, still wants Mr. Y to stand as a consonant, and an argument nearly starts, until Mr. K steps in and says Mr. Y can be both a consonant and a vowel. Mr. Y shows his new skills at the Outdoor Sound Festival, but shortly afterward succeeds in putting the entire crowd to sleep with his yawning.
STARRING: Mr. Y, Mr. B, Miss I, Mr. K, Monty Swell, Yolinda, Mr. T, Mr. P, Miss E, Mr. G, and Mr. M.
FEATURING: Mr. V, the periwinkle puppets that serve as the Uglies/Palookas, and the Yodel (seen in the crowd at the Sound Festival).