Ashley's Asylum

Letter People Episodes 37-48


(NOTE: This is one of my favorite episodes!)

Judge Judith Jackpot (hey, Judge Judy!) tells Letter People Land's policeman, Officer Jasper Jabberwocky, that she wants Mr. J to move his Jumbled Junkyard so she can build a new jail on his land. Officer Jabberwocky is reluctant to do so, especially once Mr. J appears and sings a spirited rendition of his song. Mr. J is crushed about having to move, but with the help of his friend the Joker-In-The-Box, he convinces the Judge that people can learn about the letter J and the sound it makes in his Junkyard. The Judge is convinced, and lets Mr. J stay put.
STARRING: Mr. J, Officer Jabberwocky, Judge Judith Jackpot, the Joker-In-The-Box, Mr. M, Miss A, Miss E, and Mr. T. (NOTE to all the CATS fans: if you look at Mr. J closely, he's silver with faint grey stripes. Looks like he was made from an old Munkustrap costume!)

Mr. J finds a rare gem from an art museum and displays it in his junkyard. Later, he finds out from his radio (which is quite hilarious, I might add) that it's the dangerous Genius Gem, which makes someone disappear if their sound doesn't go with their name. However, he finds this out AFTER Mr. G visits him, touches the Gem, and disappears! In order to bring Mr. G back, Mr. J decides to let him borrow his Jumbled Junk sound before silent E. This process allows Mr. G to come back and when he touches the Gem again, he doesn't disappear.
STARRING: Mr. J, Mr. G, Miss E, Officer Jabberwocky, Mr. P, and Miss A.

Mr. R is upset because his rubberbands seem to have lost their rip. He calls on Roscoe Rocker and Ringo Bebop (the same periwinkle puppets used for the Purple Peekaboo Palookas and the Unforgettable Underground Uglies), who run a rubberband repair service (as well as perform a comedy act and play electric tuba and typewriter), to fix them. Roscoe and Ringo do so, but not before reeling off a series of smart cracks that nearly drive Mr. R nuts. As it turns out, Roscoe and Ringo like the sound of Mr. R's ripping rubberbands and decide to form a band with him. Miss E hears the guys rehearsing at a recreation hall and names them "The Red Rubber Band" (with Monty Swell and Roscoe playing the Catching Game with the word "red"). Rock and Roll!
STARRING: Mr. R, Roscoe Rocker, Ringo Bebop, Miss E, Mr. D, and Monty Swell.

Mr. R is sent into outer space to the planet Snickers to rescue Miss A, who is being kept by the Empress Mung. When the computer on his spaceship goes on strike, Mr. R befriends an interplanetary pal named Lucky Star, who helps Mr. R hear his name in words. He makes this sound in the newfound Divided Catching Cluebox with Miss A for Empress Mung. Mung is impressed and lets Miss A go home, but keeps Mr. R. Will Mr. R escape from Planet Snickers? Will you be able to get Lucky Star's song out of your head? And will that announcer learn to imitate anyone else besides Walter Winchell? TO BE CONTINUED!
STARRING: Mr. R, Miss A, Lucky Star, Empress Mung, and Professor Smart.

Just as Miss A heads back to Letter People Land from the Planet Snickers, Empress Mung gets her top aide, Moogoo, to bring Miss O to Snickers to make a sound with Mr. R in the divided catching clue box. Miss O and Mr. R succeed in making the OR sound, but Empress Mung isn't quite finished yet...while Miss O can go home, Mr. R is forced to stay. This edict is accented by Moogoo zapping Mr. R with an Itchy Ray Beam when Lucky Star tries to get him to his spaceship. Will Mr. R itch himself crazy, just like Miss I? Will he get to go home? And will Empress Mung quit laughing like she inhaled too much nitrous? TO BE CONTINUED!!!
STARRING: Mr. R, Miss O, Lucky Star, Miss A, Empress Mung, and Moogoo.

Empress Mung captures Miss E, Miss I, and Miss U in order to make more divided catching clue box sounds with her favorite hostage, Mr. R. However, Mr. R is quite worn out and can't make THREE new sounds, so he and the girls decide to trick Empress Mung by making the same sound, only switching the girls in the clue box. Empress Mung is disappointed in this and sends everyone--and the Divided Catching Clue Box--home.
STARRING: Mr. R, Miss E, Miss I, Miss U, Lucky Star, and Moogoo.

Nardo's back at the Hall of Fame with another clip show. Clips included are from episodes 36-42--all about Mr. Y, Mr. J, and Mr. R.
STARRING: Nardo the Detective.

Things are going all wrong in Letter People Land, and Nardo's on the case! Mr. B's voice changes, Mr. H's long, green hair changes to a short, women's hairdo, and Miss U's pet goat starts making weird noises. What do all of these have in common? An 'X' was found at the scene of each occurance. Nardo then gets a phone call from a mysterious tipster, saying to meet him in the forest. It turns out to be Mr. X, who wants a sound of his own, but every time he offers his letter, something goes all wrong. Nardo brings Mr. X to the rest of the Letter People, and Mr. K and Mr. S agree to make a special "squoosh" sound for Mr. X, but Mr. X would be able to appear in words. This makes Mr. X so happy, he decides to use his letter as a symbol to prevent children from getting too close to anything dangerous.
STARRING: Mr. X, Nardo the Detective, Mr. B, Mr. H, Miss U, a goat, Mr. F, Miss O, Mr. K, and Mr. S.

Miss O is giving a gala performance, but her voice gives out! Miss U, Mr. L, and Mr. T take Miss O to Mr. Q's laboratory for assistance, but he can't help them because he has no sound...that is, until Miss U agrees to stand next to him in a starting clue box. With Mr. Q's new-found sound, he's able to get Miss O to slowly start talking again, and she's soon able to sing--just in time for her concert. Also, keep an eye on Mr. H in this episode, he is HILARIOUS!
STARRING: Mr. Q, Miss U, Bottomsley Updown, Mr. L, Miss I, Mr. T, Miss O, Miss I, Mr. H, and the Philharmonic Hall hostess.

Miss O visits her new neighbor Professor Foghorn, who has invented a Word Machine. The Word Machine's purpose is to make sure all the letters in words go by the rules--using the right sounds and so forth. Miss O keeps feeding the Machine words with letters using irregular sounds--and when they don't go through, they run away, upset that the Word Machine won't accept them for what they are. After a number called "I'm The Word Machine", the Runaway Words go off into the world, with Miss O wishing them good luck and Godspeed. Hi-Ho Silver, AWAY! YEEE-HA!
STARRING: Miss O, Professor Foghorn, the Word Machine, and various Runaway Words.

Mr. C and Mr. H get away for a vacation in the woods, where Mr. C asks Mr. H to make a new sound with him. Mr. H agrees to make the same sound that starts "Chewy Cherries" (which Mr. C is seen munching away on), but only if it isn't a squoosh, due to his fear of getting cut on a squoosh box's jagged edges. With this agreement made, the guys run to catch the Chewy Cherry Choo Choo back to Letter People Land, only to find out that the train has taken off without them...OR the conductor, Charlie McChew! Charlie, Mr. C, and Mr. H ride the handcar to get back to the Choo Choo (which talks!), and then Charlie sings the funk classic "Chewy Cherry Choo Choo Song", with some cool visuals in the background.
STARRING: Mr. C, Mr. H, Charlie McChew, and the Chewy Cherry Choo Choo.
FEATURING: Mr. F, Mr. P, Mr. S, and Miss U (passengers on the Chewy Cherry Choo Choo).

Mr. T and Miss U walk into a haunted theatre, where The Thing lives. Mr. T flashes back to 1930, where "Grandpa T" and "Grandpa H" were about to include The Thing in their song-and-dance act in THAT VERY THEATRE, but the theatre closed down before the Thing could make his debut. Officer Jabberwocky arrives on the scene and says the theatre is reopening and captures the Thing by agreeing to give him a part in the reopening gala. The Thing then sings "I'm The Thing" for an appreciative audience.
STARRING: Mr. T, Miss U, Officer Jabberwocky, Grandpa T, Grandpa H, and The Thing.