Ashley's Asylum
Cold and barren stone
bereft of any signs of life
Surround a heart of gold
that beats laboriously
with the pain of many wounds
Stone keeps out those that
would do harm,
yet also keeps out those
that would heal
How to soften the stone?
I do not know.
Tearless eyes
so long dry that
they have forgotten how
to shed tears...
A drought of the emotions
that has lasted for many years...
no water to soften the rock
Oh how I long to see just one
small trickle of water slip from your eye
and down your cheek
I would prefer it not be caused by sadness...
But I would still rather you cry tears of sadness
up in the rubber band ball of
emotions that you keep.
I would like to see stone melt away,
revealing the heart of gold that lies beneath
Until it beats so strongly that it snaps every
last band away, and you are free to feel again
Do not fear the fall that will come after,
for I will catch you and hold you until
every last tear is spent.