“Huh? What?” Lilliecat woke with a start as Pouncival chased Tumblebrutus through the pipe that was her home. She promised herself once again to find another place to live. Lilliecat hated everone always running in and out of her house. She had made a door out of an old scarf, but she seldom used it. For, even though it was tattered and frayed to almost nothing, her home always felt very small and lonely with the door shut. Besides, she like to feel the breeze from the junkyard ruffling her gray and white fur. Lillie cat yawned and stretched. She carefully fastened her collar around her neck. She admired the rhinestones in their three shining rows mounted on the black leather band in an old broken mirror she’d found. She loved her collar and never wore it to bed. She was afraid she’d break it in her sleep. She smoothed out her whiskers and went out to find her friends. She was in a playful mood today so she scanned the junkyard for Pouncival and Tumblebrutus who were always up to something. Lilliecat was disappointed that the dynamic duo was nowhere to be seen and went off in search of Etcetera instead.
Etcetera, though Lilliecat’s best friend, could be a bit tiresome in her state of perpetual hyperactivity. Lilliecat found Etcetera trying to talk to Mistoffeless, the magical cat. Mistoffelees kept smiling mischeviously, disappearing, and reappearing right behind her, tapping her on the shoulder and disappearing again when Etcetera turned around. It was so funny that Lilliecat soon found herself on the ground, shaking with silent laughter. Two paws appeared in front of her.
“Lillie? Are you okay?” Mistoffelees asked worriedly.
“I’m fine, Misto,” she said, letting him help her to her feet.. “I was just laughing at you and Etcetera.”
“Well!” said Etcetera in mock shock. “In that case . . .” Etcetera pounced on Lilliecat. Lilliecat, falling, grabbed onto Mistoffelees and they all fell in a heap. Soon the play battle was an all-out war with Lilliecat and Mistoffelees on one side and Etcetera and Alonzo (who had, much to his surprise, found out he had been drafted) on the other. They spent the day hurling paper “grenades” and fencing with cardboard “swords”. When Lilliecat got back to her pipe, she had barely enough energy to take off her collar before she fell fast asleep.